Skin Care during Covid-19

A lot has changed after the outbreak of COVID 19 and with the lockdown that has followed it. It has changed our lifestyle, and this requires a change in skincare regime to prevent any complications.

While many of us can think that not going outdoors and a significant reduction in pollution can lead to an improvement in the health of our skin, this may not necessarily be true. In a lot of cases, the lockdown has caused more dry skin, spots and many other skin ailments. Let us understand why.

Due to COVID 19 outbreak, and the lockdown that has followed, stress and anxiety have increased significantly. This is one of the primary reasons which has worked as a trigger for many inflammatory skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. Also, a lot of unhealthy eating habits has increased the problem.

One of the other reasons causing skin problems is lack of Vitamin D. While people are staying indoors, exposure to sunlight has decreased, and they are not getting enough of vitamin D, which is essential for rejuvenation and protection of skin. It is responsible for the growth and repair of skin cells. While people are not moving outside, they are in a deficit of Vitamin D, which is causing a lot of skin related problems.

How to avoid these problems

  • Exercise and Meditation: One of the most significant ways to cope up with negativity and anxiety around us is to go exercise for a couple of minutes. Adding meditation to this can significantly relieve stress.
  • Healthy Diet and Hydration: During the lockdown, we have ample time to cook our favourite treats but eating non-healthy for a long time can result in lack of essential nutrients and can thus lead to skin problems. So while cooking our favourite treats, we should make sure that we maintain our supply of essential nutrients. We should also make sure to drink a substantial amount of water to keep our skin in good shape.
  • Gaining Vitamin D: If possible, we should spend some time in sunlight to make sure that we get the minimum amount of vitamin D for our skin. If that is not possible, we can take appropriate supplements to take that necessary dose for our skin.

While in lockdown, we are not going out; this does not mean that we should not take care of our skin and face. We should cleanse our face daily and scrub weekly to keep it healthy.

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